Marshalltown Water Pollution Control Plant

Designer: Structural Engineers P.C.

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In order to meet requirements set by the Iowa DNR, the City of Marshalltown selected Story Construction to complete work on a multi-phased Peak Flow and Holding Improvement Project at its Water Pollution Control Plant (WPCP). The 13-mg/day wastewater treatment facility serves 9,100 homes and businesses, including JBS Swift & Company, a pork processing facility that discharges up to 2 million gallons of wastewater to the city each day. The project included building a new 18.75-mg lined equalization basin; a glass-lined sludge storage tank with mixers; a new screw pump station with two 125-hp screws; a grit dump station; two new public works buildings; and a new electric building with a standby generator. Work also involved replacing two raw wastewater vertical turbine pumps; modifying and combining the existing sludge storage basin and equalization basin; installing new sludge mixers in the existing sludge storage tank; miscellaneous site piping modifications; and site demolition.