Employee Profile: Deb Thurmond

Oct 6, 2020

Role: Project Engineer

Years at Story: 8

Deb joined Story Construction in 2012 after spending most of her career in residential construction in Oregon, Colorado and then Massachusetts. She graduated from the University of Memphis with a degree in art history, and then after a few years working as a carpenter for residential renovations and new construction, she gained her masters in construction management from Colorado State University.

In the decade immediately before moving to Iowa and joining Story, Deb managed high-end residential restoration projects in some of the historic neighborhoods of Boston.

“The transition from residential construction to commercial construction is a lot to absorb, but it’s doable,” Deb says. “It helps coming from the field, because you inevitably gain experience being immersed with all of the trades. You see the team structures and the sequencing of work, so that experience was beneficial”

Since joining Story, Deb has contributed to a dozen projects, including Orchard Hills Elementary in Norwalk, the Kinzler Construction Services warehouse in Ankeny, and the Midland Power Cooperative office building in Boone.

“I appreciate working for Story because of the continued opportunities for professional and personal growth, although the best part of working for Story is its network of people,” Deb says. “I enjoy working as a project engineer in commercial construction because, eventually, the line drawings and spec sheets turn into bricks and mortar – and a building that matters to people in the community.”

Away from work, Deb and her husband Darrell are often working on their house, but she also enjoys canoeing, being outdoors with Darrell, her son Jasper and their dog, and connecting with friends.