Handle Hard Better

Jul 13, 2022

This quarter’s President’s Perspective is a lot less me and a lot more Kara Lawson, coach of the Duke Women’s Basketball team. I was at a family reunion recently and one of my cousins asked about the construction industry. I shared with her the turbulence we’ve all been facing, including labor scarcity, supply chain issues, etc. She asked me a simple question afterward: “Do you think it will get easier?” I paused, thought, and told her I did not think so. It is a sobering thought yet an important recognition to have.

That conversation made this message from Coach Lawson an important one for me to hear. I mean I really needed to hear this; you may too, or you may know someone who really needs to hear it. Please send it along. And yes, I’ve shared it with my kids; it is a goal. Enjoy.

Mike Espeset