President’s Perspective: Age isn’t just a number

Jul 8, 2019

In our office we have a wall with photos of each of our team members. We recently organized them by tenure with the company, and I overheard some of our younger guys comment on how many new people we have, and how long many have been part of the team. Though 30 or 40+ years of service in this company is amazing, it’s just as much about the experiences and the history those years bring with them. That tenure that each team member carries is more than just a number.

As I hope you know by now, Story is celebrating 85 years in business in 2019.  We began as James Thompson & Sons (JTS) in 1934, and we progressed through two generations of family ownership and three major generations of employee ownership that has spanned roughly the last 50 years of our history. Age isn’t just a number in this case, either. All the economic cycles, changes in ownership and changes in leadership at all levels give some context to those 85 years, and each additional year is a serious accomplishment – and cause for celebration!

Here’s another way to put it: I’m 51 years old, and I’ve made a point to get exercise frequently and consistently for many years. My diet, while not great, has stayed steady as well. However, it seems like it was much easier for me to look, feel and be fit ten years ago than it is today. Another year is another year, but guess what? Age isn’t just a number anymore.

I think you’re getting my point. This really speaks to how amazing it is to keep a company together and thriving through the passage of time and the changes in the world for 85 years, and keeping it in a position to keep going with opportunities to serve one another and others.

To see another way we’ve celebrated our 85th year, watch the video below that gives a glimpse into our (potentially first annual) road trip to each one of our job sites in 24 hours (give or take).