Post-It Note Requirements

Jul 2, 2020

by Karlen Anderson, CP 2.0 Program Leader


In order to effectively communicate your team’s planned work activity on site, it’s important your Post-It notes show the right information. This ensures that other teams are aware of your planned work, which will allow your team to complete your work uninterrupted and with the right information.

Daily Planned Work Post-It Notes

For Daily Planned Work Activities, your Post-It notes must contain five pieces of information:

  1. Task or Activity Description (e.g., build, install, set, gang, pour, erect, lay, backfill, etc.)
  2. Quantity or Volume of Work (e.g., 85CY, 200LF, from wall 6 to wall 8, etc.)
  3. Area Description – Using the flow diagram or other area descriptor used among all teams on the project, being as specific as possible
  4. Manpower and/or Shared Resources (e.g., 5 guys, need 100-ton crane, need pressure washer, add finisher, etc.)
  5. Milestone/Phasestone Number – This makes it clear which larger milestone or phasestone from the right side of the board the daily activity works toward

These pieces of information will help your team and other teams on site through any potential disruptions to your work or the work of others.

Phase Pull Planning Post-It Notes

For Post-It notes on the right side of the board – the Phase Pull Production Schedule – three pieces of information are required for planned “phasestones,” which mark the completion of important phases of the project.

  1. Task or Activity Description (e.g., Erect Structural Steel)
  2. Duration of Work Activity (e.g., 3 weeks)
  3. Milestone/Phasestone Number

These descriptions are important to the overall phasing and flow of projects.

Milestone/Phasestone Post-It Notes

  1. Activity Description
  2. Completion Date of Critical Activity
  3. Milestone/Phasestone Number

The Milestone/Phasestone notes on the right side of the board are intended to indicate when the team plans to reach the major milestones of the project.