Employee Profile: Kris Pruismann

Apr 23, 2020

Kris Pruismann, Employee Development Manager at Story Construction, is a native of Kamrar, IA, where she grew up on a farm north of town. She graduated from Northeast Hamilton High School and what was then known as Hawkeye Institute of Technology.

“What I like about my job and the field that I’m in is that it centers around people. The nuance of balancing the company’s needs from a business perspective and the employee’s needs brings some unique complexities to HR and employee development. It’s exciting and challenging!”

Kris spent 18 years with Iowa State University as the Director of Human Resources and Training for Facilities Planning & Management. She joined the Story team in March 2019 and oversees human resources, recruiting, training and safety functions.

“I think the commitment Story makes to personal and professional development is unique to this industry. This really allows me to thrive in my wheelhouse, and we have a great opportunity going forward to serve our employees, our clients and the industry in general with what we do here. Plus, I like to have fun, and we never seem to be short on fun!”

Kris has been married for 33 years and has three kids, aged 32, 30, 27; and 5 grandchildren. She and her husband reside on an acreage just north of Stratford, IA.