Projects Expectations Meeting

Jul 20, 2020

by Mike Espeset, President


As a project ramps up, we all join the team at different times and in different ways, with different expectations of what success and joy look like for the project and for one another. Therefor, once we have critical mass of key project players (owner, design team and major subcontractors) we seek to have a meeting that allows the team to share their expectations for the project. What does success look like to me? My company? My team? To you?

In doing this, we are able to create a united understanding of success for the project. None of us is as smart as all of us! Through a facilitated conversation, we are able to hear one another on this matter. For some on the team, the conversation comes well into their involvement into the project and for others it is fresh into their engagement with the team. While the timing is not consistent for all, the opportunity for all to declare and hear one another’s expectations for the project is facilitated in this 90 minute meeting.